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CrystalHarmony Necklace (For 2-3cm Crystals)

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Silver
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Questions & Answers!

  • Q: How big of a crystal can it fit?
    A: Crystals 1.5xheight of your thumb looks best (height as in from the tip of your thumb to the knuckle).Chubby crystals fit perfectly fine!
  • Q: What if I have bigger or smaller crystals?
    A: We have the same necklace for smaller crystals as well on theprevious page! Bigger crystals feel too heavy to wear so we didn’t make a version for that.
  • Q: How does this BOGO Deal thing work?
    A: You can mix and match from all other crystal jewelry on the website (including these crystal holder necklaces!)
  • Q: Which Free Crystal should I choose?
    A: Most people say to just let your intuition guide you.

The Perfect Necklace For Every Occasion!

  1. Rose quartz dates.
  2. White Quartz for tests.
  3. Amethyst for yoga, meditation and unwinding.
  4. Green Aventurine for weekend adventures and etc!

Made of stainless steel, hypoallergenic and won’t turn your skin green!

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CrystalHarmony Necklace (For 2-3cm Crystals)

CrystalHarmony Necklace (For 2-3cm Crystals)


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