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Guaranteed to put your easiest, deepest & most peaceful slumber in less than 15 minutes (on average) – or your money back!

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Stay asleep longer
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Ease all your stress and anxiety
  • Block out sleep-killing noises and lights
  • Wake up refreshed and energized

Swedish Sleep Experts Developed A New Little-Known Device That “Tricks” Your Brain Into Falling SOUND Asleep Using 3 Clinically Proven & Lab Tested Relaxation Techniques

The Sure Sleep Mask Combines 3 Natural Ways Backed By Science To Quickly Help You Ease Into Dreamland:

Sure Sleep Mask

1) Not listening to soothing music or sleep-inducing sounds to fall asleep? You’re missing out! Here’s why:

The audio will not only drown out the unwanted noises keeping you up or any sudden noises to wake you up… but also…

Everyone knows that music can change your mood… so why not make you sleepy?

Listening to music is proven to mirror the same biological changes your body undergoes to prepare for sleep such as:

calming your nervous system, slowing down your breathing, lowering heart rate and blood pressure, easing muscle tension, relieving stress and anxiety, calming your body and mind…

Thus helping you:

  • fall asleep faster and stay asleep deeper,
  • boosting your sleep efficiency (getting more actual sleep in the same amount of time),
  • and improving your overall sleep quality for more restful nights.

Sure Sleep Mask

2) The tiny unexpected sleep sabotager…

Did you know that even just a pinprick of light at night (whether it be from your electronics or outside) can cut your melatonin levels (the sleep hormone) by more than 50%!?1

Meaning even if you got a full 8 hours of sleep, you’ll still wake up feeling tired and groggy in the morning…

That’s because evolution has hard-wired our brains to sleep only when it’s dark. So total blackout triggers your brain to produce more melatonin naturally.

Therefore, this key sleep hormone does 2 things for you:

  • signaling to your body to fall asleep NOW and
  • boosting your REM & deep sleep quality for more restorative nights!

But that’s not all…

Sure Sleep Mask

3) Why is “touch pressure stimulation” so deeply relaxing?

The mask is applying gentle weight to your face (but no pressure on your eyes) for true relaxation (like a weighted blanket).

Neuroscientific evidence2 from Harvard University suggests, that “touch pressure stimulation” increases the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone), while reducing sleep-killer hormones like cortisol.

The release of which is: calming your nervous system, relieving stress & anxiety and bettering your sleep quality for your easiest and most peaceful slumber.

Sure Sleep Mask

“The 4th Hidden Mechanism” Behind The Dream Mask

“After 21 days (the time it takes to develop a habit) of wearing the mask… your body will begin to associate it with falling asleep (like a child with her teddy bear).” – says Dr. Göran Kecklund.

In other words, just putting the mask on becomes a “mental cue” telling your brain – “Hey buddy, it’s time to switch off and let the sweet dreams begin…”

That’s called Pavlovian conditioning.

Do you remember the dog that salivated every time the Russian scientist Dr. Pavlov rang a bell and fed him food? But when he removed the food, the dog continued salivating only at the sound of the bell!

Therefore, its body became conditioned to automatically, biologically, subconsciously and chemically change in preparation for that event (in your case – sleep).

This phenomenon has been meticulously tested and maniacally proven ever since… So you’re basically “hacking” your nervous system to fall asleep at will.

The Sure Sleep Mask is perfect for all sleep folks who want to:

  • Block out sleep disturbances

    Silence snoring partners, noisy roommates, neighbors, street noise or mask annoying tinnitus.

    Are you a light sleeper dealing with loud sleeping distractions? Try the Sure Sleep Mask over earplugs!

  • Listen comfortably to anything

    No more earbuds hurting your ears! Play your favorite audiobooks, podcasts, soothing music, nature sounds, white noises, guided meditations or have a “brain-gasm” with ASMR.

  • Travel & combat jetlag

    Drift off in an airport, long nights, road trips or hotel rooms…

  • Sleep anytime, anywhere

    Sleep during the day for nightshift or enjoy power naps.

  • Ease pain & discomfort

    Relieve migraines, restlessness, tension, vertigo or just escape into your own head + no more earbuds hurting your ears!

  • Promote lucid dreaming

    Calm night terrors and control your dreams with sleep meditations and hypnosis.

  • Improve your skin

    Prevent the formation of wrinkles around your eyes and never wake up with ugly marks on your face from the pillowcase.

  • Wash off the mental dust

    Or just unwind and escape into your own head after a long day.

Sure Sleep Mask

How do I use it?

  • Simply turn on your device’s Bluetooth.
  • Press and hold the ‘on/off’ power button on the mask until a red/blue light starts flashing.
  • Find ‘BT-01’ on the Bluetooth list on your phone, connect it and you’re done!

Note: Please disconnect all paired devices in the first place. Then pair the mask.

So comfortable you’ll forget it’s on…

  • Designed for side sleepers

    Ultra-thin Bluetooth headphones you can sleep on.

  • Pillow-soft

    Premium memory foam (made out of durable hypoallergenic fibers) allows healthy oxygen in, while keeping dry air out (perfect for sensitive skin, dry eyes and regulating body temperature).

  • True blackout

    Padding over the nose eliminates any light leakage.

  • Zero eye pressure

    3D-designed eyecups won’t press against your eyes, so your eyelids can blink freely.

  • One-size-fits

    The mask stays on all night and the velcro won’t get stuck in your hair.

  • Simple to use

    Connects to any Bluetooth device.

  • Long battery life

    8-10 hours of playtime will last you the whole night (only 2 hours of charging time).

  • Easy to clean

    Machine washable (check out our FAQ for instructions).

Sure Sleep Mask

Here’s why you can’t cheat on sleep and get away with it…

A good night’s rest is essential to living a happy, healthy and long life…

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. However, we also spend 7 years trying to fall asleep!

Here are some of the horrible negative consequences just a single bad night’s sleep (or sleeping for only 6 hours a night for just 1 week) can have on you:

All-in-one natural solution

Sleeping with earbuds is not only extremely uncomfortable but also dangerous for long-term use. The pressure they put on your ears over time can cut off circulation and lead to necrosis!In the long term, scientific studies have shown that taking sleeping pills can have severe side effects or lead to premature death.

Unlike expensive medications, the Sure Sleep Mask is the safe, natural and economic answer to getting a great night’s sleep for the rest of your life.

Sure Sleep Mask

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