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Astromora Galaxy projector



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Turn any room into a magical oasis with the Astromora™ projector. Choose from 8 color light modes, allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. Transform your bedroom, office space, TV room, yoga studio and more. It also makes perfect gift for any occasion.

Astromora Galaxy projector


Astromora Galaxy projector


Adjustable head angle: The head is held magnetically onto the body, you can freely move it around in any direction.

Variable modes: Choose between 8 nebula effects and control the speed of the movement and the brightness of the light. You can either display the nebula only, the star only or both of them at the same time.

Remote controlled: Get control all over the setting from the other side of the room without having to get up.

Set timers: Choose between a timer of 40 minutes or 90 minutes and fall asleep worry-free in a million-star hotel.

Astromora Galaxy projector


Expertly crafted from high quality material

Size: 24.5 cm x 12.3 cm

Single weight: 655g

Power: 5W

What’s in the package:

  • 1 x Astromora™
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Manual

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