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Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter



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  • If you’re tired of cutting pretty wrapping paper that is always jagged & not straight, then this unique wrapping paper tool is for you.
  • It’s always frustrating whenever pretty wrapping paper is cut in an outdated way and the cuts are either jagged, torn or crooked.
  • The 2021 brand new package mount paper cutter provides you with a safe and easy way to cut wrapping paper by making a perfect cut in 2 seconds.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter


The Perfect Tool

  • Made of sturdy plastic, lightweight and convenient, ergonomic tubular handle.
  • Easy to handle for children or people with fine motor skills difficulties

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

Saves Time

  • The sliding paper cutter will save you a lot of time on your holiday gift wrapping jobs.
  • Instead of using outdated cutting methods, you can use this sliding cutter to get silky smooth wrapping paper cuts.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

Easy to Use

  • It is flexible and can be used for any size paper roll.
  • It has the perfect blade angle, it’s safety features and simplicity. Safe embedded blade design.
  • Unlike scissor tools, it protects fingers from any dangerous operation and children no longer worry when using it.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

Safe to Use

  • Are you still using scissors or a knife to cut wrapping paper? The cuttings are not smooth and unattractive.
  • This wrapping paper cutting tool has a built-in blade that is safe, smooth and fast.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

Suitable for Children

  • Scissors or kraft knives are too unsafe for children.
  • This wrapping paper is easy for kids to use and can help them learn how to wrap gifts.
  • This is very meaningful. This cutting tool is perfect for children to safely learn to wrap Christmas and birthday gifts.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

Perfect Design

  • The wrapping paper cutter is made of high quality ABS and is not easily damaged.
  • Small size, light weight, easy to use, suitable for any kind of paper, such as wrapping paper, craft paper, newspaper, etc.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter


Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

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Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter

  • Color Green: White; Black; Red; Blue.
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 40g
  • Package size” (L*W*H) 9.8*6*6CM
  • Package includes: wrapping paper cutter *1

Customers Reviews

  1. Preston

    Talk about a time saver – these are the best invention ever and cut wrapping time drastically. I just wish I had found them sooner. I may even add these to house warming gifts for friends because they are so handy to have.

  2. Zayden

    I love this item! It is so easy and safe to use! Now I have all straight edges to wrap with! It glides across the paper like butter! Never skipped or tore the wrapping paper! Great buy!

  3. Dean

    This item is a total gamechanger for wrapping gifts. Even if you fancy yourself pretty skilled with scissors, this is a great thing to get to improve speed and efficiency. I literally won’t wrap gifts without it anymore.

  4. Paige

    This is a great little idea to illuminate having to use scissors while wrapping presents. I could never cut a straight line and this allows even me to do so perfectly with no effort! Fantastic job everyone and what a thoughtful engineering idea!

  5. Harmony

    Makes cutting wrapping paper and other rolled papers ways and fast. I had several vintage rolls that had bad edges and this gadget helped me make short work of their ragged edges. I have used it on brown Kraft paper, shelf paper, wallpaper, and it has worked like a charm on each of them.

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