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Dual Pressure Point Neck Massager



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Struggling with neck pain, TMJ and tension headaches?

  • The Neck Pressure from Bodies will eliminate neck pain in just 10 minutes a day, or your money back guaranteed!
  • Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain (no harsh painkillers)
  • Your own in-home Chiropractor (money back in your pocket)
  • Reduces the frequency of headaches and migraines
  • Stress Relieving (sleep, feel and better)

Say Goodbye To Neck Pain, Headaches, Stiffness, Knots & Much More!

This dual pressure point neck massager is a unique hand-held manual massager that allows you to access pressure points to target specific pain areas in the body. Pressing on these pressure points can help eliminate neck pain, tension, stiffness, knots, and muscle soreness.

It features two soft yet firm silicone balls that can help loosen up the tense muscle and knots by focusing on the main pressure trigger points.
Relieve Neck, Back, & Shoulder Pain 

The dual pressure point massager relieves pain by applying direct pressure and massaging the trigger points at your neckback and shoulders. It massages, squeezes, and kneads away all tension and pain.

Improve Quality Of Sleep

Massage therapy can reduce fatigue and improve sleep. You can press, squeeze, and knead to release tight, stiff, and aching muscles.

Massage Away Headaches And Migraines 

The Dual Pressure Point Massager by effectively helps reduce pain from headaches and migraines by softly massaging the pressure points at your desired pace which causes the knots to be released and helps promote new blood flow.

Increase Blood Flow Circulation To Brain And Body 

Massaging the neck can help alleviate headaches by releasing tension and helping blood flow through congested areas. The release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow in. When done to the body this helps alleviate sore muscles, relieves tension and fatigue.

Customize Massage Intensity 

By utilizing the convenient and ergonomic handles, you can fully control every aspect of your massage treatment, thus achieving unparalleled results. Control the pace, direction, and intensity. Feel refreshed and relaxed after just five minutes of treatment.

Give Your Legs And Feet The Massage They Deserve

Foot pain after a long day of walking can be unbearable. Most massagers on the market just don’t apply the right amount of pressure to provide relief. You no longer need to tease your feet and can apply as much pressure as they need to get the kind of relief you are looking for.

Convenient And Portable

With this massager, you can give yourself a vigorous and deep massage at home, in your office or school, or while being on the road. Slender and lightweight, you can easily stow it away in your bag, suitcase, knapsack, glove box, drawers, etc. for easy storage.

For Everyone And Anyone 

A quick 5-minutes of daily usage has shown improvement in releasing your fatigue, feeling refreshed and feeling relaxed after just five minutes of treatment.

requently Asked Questions :

How do I use my massager?

1. Put your hands on both handles, and open the device slightly.

2. Place the balls on the desired spot in the neck, we recommend beginning with the tightest spots.

3. Massage by slowly rotating the handles in very small circles, you can adjust the intensity as needed.

4. Use for between 2-5 minutes

5. Feel the tension and knots release and relax

Will this treat my specific issue?

This device is perfect for treating: chronic neck pain, tension headaches, tight & sore neck muscles, desk posture as well as upper back & shoulder pain. It’s also great for treating specific conditions like cervical spondylosis, disc degeneration, pinched nerve & herniated disc.

The reviews are in! 

“I hurt my neck in a car accident two years ago ,and I’ve been doing physicsl therapy before that,and since my son was born last year ,I’ve been at home with the baby .and I haven’t had time to go.My neck hurts all the time,my husband ordered this product for me.I thought the price was not high and it would not be effective.I tried it out.on the other hand,fits the acupoints exactly and relieves my I can also easily massage my neck at home .That is a good product can be recommended.” -Audrey –­­­­­

Like many, I carry tension in my neck which can lead to headaches and migraines. I got tired of recruiting my fiance into massaging my neck so I bought this and it helps so much! I can position it to the exact source of pain and get rid of the tension. I control the pressure and where it’s directed and it provides some relief! -Terry Gillen –­­­­­

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