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Elite Heaters Pro

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Keep Yourself Warm Anytime, Anywhere

  • Nightstand
  • Desk
  • Kitchen
  • Workshop
  • Dorm Room
  • Office
  • Backyard
  • Garage

Get Ready For The Winters WithThe Most Compact Heater On The Market

This revolutionary portable heater quickly heats up any room using 30% less energy compared to regular heaters. It’s so small that you can take it anywhere with you, including to the office. You can be warm and toasty in seconds!

  • Distributes Heat QuicklyNo need to wait an hour for your central heating system before you can start feeling warmer.
  • Cut Down Expensive Electricity BillsAlpha Heat uses energy-efficient and cost-effective ceramic heating technology that warms you up where you are.
  • Keeps Children and Pets SafeAlpha Heat features tip-over protection and overheat protection technology so it’s safe to use in your home.

Easy To UseOperational Features

Simply plug in your Alpha Heat and press a button to start heating up your room immediately. It has adjustable settings so you can control the temperature exactly and timers to turn it off and on.
No complicated set-up required.

Adjust Temperature

Increase temperatures up to 90° F
or decrease it down to 60° F.

Heating Switch

With the press of a button your heater will start warming up the room. Turn off the heating switch and it will blow cold air for 60 seconds to cool down the device before shutting off.

Timer Switch

Switch on your timer so that the fan will shut off after a certain time. Set a time for the device to start working when the heating switch Is turned off.

How Does Alpha Heat Work ToKeep You Warm & Cozy

  • Warms Up QuicklyYour room can warm up in 30 seconds with
    this powerful device.
  • Easy To UsePlugs into any socket and
    switches on with a single button
  • Completely PortableThis unit is compact and lightweight
    so you can carry it into any room.
  • Energy EfficientSave on electricity bills this winter.
  • Tip-Over & Overheat ProtectionAlpha Heat shuts off if the unit tips
    over or if the temperature rises above 122F
    consecutively for 3 times.
  • Noise-Free OperationIt’s so quiet you won’t even hear it when it’s switched on, but you can feel the warmth in the room.

Enjoy The Warm & Cozy FeelingIn Just 3 Simple Steps

Alpha Heat is extremely easy to use anywhere and everywhere.
Start heating up your room in seconds!

Step 1: Plug It

Plug in Alpha Heat into any power outlet.

Step 2: Set It

Press the Temp+/Temp- buttons to set the temperature.

Step 3: Forget It

Enjoy the powerful warmth from this noise-free device.

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