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Hamburger Cat Bed


This hamburger cat bed or hamburger dog bed is a great way to keep your pets fur from getting all over your furniture.

Your pet is sure to feel protected and cozy while sleeping in their very own hamburger dog bed or hamburger cat bed. The burger bed is very soft and warm, keeping your pet feeling right at home.

Hamburger Cat Bed

The bed will easily rival the comfort of the stiff cardboard box. Cuddling up is all that this hamburger bed is about. Your cat snuggles up inside of it to give it that cozy bed it will fall in love with. It might never want to leave the bed after stepping its paws in it just once!Hamburger Cat Bed
With a removable top, you can choose whether you want two buns or one, however, your cat likes it. Your cat will be in awe at the super comfortable and tiny space it can relax in.Hamburger Cat Bed
After all, cats love being able to crawl into tight and small spaces (and get a good cat nap in, because who doesn’t love that?). Give them the opportunity to do the two things they love with our hamburger bed! While they’re at it, use it as an opportunity to take adorable cat pictures of your little one soundly asleep.

Hamburger Cat Bed


  • Super Soft and Warm.
  • Ventilated.
  • Anti-Mildew – Antibacterial.
  • Comfortable 100% Cotton.
  • Removable Top.
  • Hand or Machine Washable

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