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Removes unwanted hair fast, efficiently, and pain-free by just a spray and wipe away!

Spray away ugly short stubbleTake the stress, mess, irritated skin, and inconvenience out of shaving and waxing. This will save time and effort whileachieving flawless skin!

Get the silky-smooth skin that lasts for up to eight weeks asit also gets your skin nourished and moisturized during hair removal, making skin look better and feel better!


  • EASY & PAINLESS HAIR-REMOVAL: removes unwanted hair, hassle-free, fast, and easy.
  • DISSOLVES UNWANTED HAIR & STUBBORN STUBBLES DOWN: penetrates deep down the rootsmultiple times better than razors, shavers, wax, or depilatory creams.
  • LESS HAIR GROWTH: hair takes longer to grow back and when they do, they grow back thinner and less awkward looking.
  • NOURISHES SKIN: gives a soft, supple, and smooth finish to the skin.
  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC AND GENTLE DEPILATORY FORMULA: all-natural, safe for all skin types even with the most sensitive skin.
  • SUITABLE USE FOR ANY AREAS OF HAIR REMOVAL: for both man and woman; great forfacial hair, legs, chest, arms, back, underarms, and bikini line.



 1 x Painless Hair Removal Spray (30 ml)

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