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My Mini Cam

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Capture your best moments with your new My Mini Cam

This mini digital camera is perfect to replace all your disposables that you have to purchase over and over! It captures grainy, slightly blurry vintage film like pictures and includes a selfie mode, mini games and a removable time stamp option.

The photos can be seen instantly and you can transfer them in seconds to your phone using a USB cable.

Unlike disposable counterparts, these cameras are reusable and will not end up in land fill. Oh! and it takes videos too!

My Mini Cam

✔️ Environmentally friendly

✔️ Takes up to 5,000 photos and videos at once

✔️ Long battery life

✔️ Small enough to carry in your pocket

✔️ See your photos and transfer them to your phone instantly

✔️ Has games, a selfie mode and removable time stamp

✔️ Comes with camera and a free memory card

✔️ Comes in 3 cute colors

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