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Novawave Antenna



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Why pay hundreds of dollars a month to see your favorite sports games and reality TV shows when you can watch them for free, forever?

Novawave Antenna

Cancel your costly cable subscription NOW and get the NovaWave instead! This powerful TV antenna lets you watch dozens of broadcast TV channels in high-definition. You can even get 1080p resolution right on your television without spending an extra cent! And that’s not even half of what NovaWave can do.

NovaWave spares you the hassle of set-up and installation with its plug-and-play design. Just plug it into your TV, start scanning channels, and let the antenna do the rest!
It’s time to cut the cord and spend that cash on a fancy new couch instead. After all, you’ll be spending more time on it now thanks to NovaWave!


Novawave Antenna

How to Use Novawave

Novawave Antenna

Plug the coaxial cable into the ANT/IN connector on the back of your TV. For European countries, use the included Euro adaptor.

Novawave Antenna

Position the NovaWave TV Antenna in a suitable area and mount it using the double-sided sticker.

Novawave Antenna

Turn on your TV and go to the setup menu. Set the tuner to “Antenna” or “Air” then conduct a channel scan. You can now start enjoying all your favorite broadcast shows!

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Customers Reviews

  1. Jacob

    The antenna is super, everything catches. my do not catch, and this super antenna catches all 20 channels.

  2. Layla

    Super! The antenna performs its function completely. Advise. Seller thanks.

  3. Katherine

    Cool everything works connected checked 20 channels catch and radio

  4. Josephine

    The antenna is simple and very well caught.

  5. Sophie

    Great antenna. I came quickly. Works fine. Recomed. For giving the most it.

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