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Pocket Wind

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The solution to hot weather

Bask in the oasis of cooling wind the Pocket Wind™ provides, even under the blazing sun. Clip on this portable fan or simply hold it to stay cool wherever!

Bid farewell to any heat related complaints

No more sweating profusely under the scorching sun. The Pocket Wind™ provides relief from the heat and even reduces the risk of heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Small yet powerful

Portable Compact, light, and with a skin safe silicone clip to stay cool anywhere!

Cooling The bladeless fan with 3 speeds maintains cooling efficiency while reducing noise

Versatile  360° rotatable wind outlet to suit the preferred direction

Where can I clip it?

Clip the Pocket Wind™ onto a waistband, belt, bag, bag strap, or pretty much anywhere and enjoy a cooling breeze hands-free.

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