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Rabbit Bra – Invisible Lift Up Bra


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Always wanna wear those sexy, deep V dresses to show your S-curved body shape but failed because of impractical brasSay goodbye to those lacy, old-school & tight bras with straps!

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra

 Invisible Lift-Up Bra is the SECRET behind perfect curves 

This rabbit bra is designed with adhesive rabbit ear & 3D full coverage cutting, offering ultimate support to lift up your breasts and to create natural cleavageFree to cut to snugly fit any clothing!

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra

Gives your breasts the perfect lift, shape, and support, just like a regular bra effortlessly! This Invisible Lifting Bra adheres comfortably on your breasts to give them an instant lift and firmness.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra

Instant Lift & Enlargement

The adhesive gel with professional fitting offers ultimate support to lift up your breasts and to create natural cleavage.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


The light color is invisible under every clothing type and can be worn underneath various tops. The well-hidden feature allows you to wear various outfits even V-neck collar tops.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


They stick to your boobs without fail yet it is easy to remove them. There is a non-sticky nipple protection zone.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


You can cut it to fit your low cut tops or dresses without losing its stickiness.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


Made of medical-grade material, skin-friendly, breathable.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


Lift up your boobs and create natural cleavage no matter the boob size.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra



1 Wipe the breasts with warm towel. Wipe all oil, dirt and sweat away for a complete dry.
2   Put the nipple cover onto the nipple softly, making the outer edge of which be stuck to the skin.
3  With the upper body leaning forward, attach to the chest and flatten the edges.
4  Wear clothing. Done!
Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


Make sure your breasts are completely dry and clean before use.
Do not apply moisturizers, lotion or perfumes to your breasts before use.
Do not expose pasties bra lift to the sun. Let them dry naturally after washing.
Do not use on damaged or inflamed skin.

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra

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Material: Cotton, silicone


    • Small: 9cm (Suitable for A/B cup)
    • Medium: 11cm (Suitable for C/D cup)
    • Large: 13cm (Suitable for E/F cup)

Rabbit Bra - Invisible Lift Up Bra


  • 2 pairs of Invisible Lifting Bra


Customers Reviews

  1. Chrissy Mannes

    I will update this review after multiple uses. But for now does everything as advertised. I got the small and wasn’t expecting much lift because I don’t have much lift to give. I was more interested in how visible they were. Turns out they’re pretty invisible, depending on the material and fit of your clothes. The big take away is the thinner and tighter the clothes, the more visible it will be. They’re also kind of long and would show with many low cut outfits (shown in pics) but apparently you can cut the length down some. I may cut the lift straps all together and just use them as pasties, because that’s what I was searching for anyway. Comfortable and stick well for now.

  2. Leah

    I love these, they hold my 36 DDs really well and now I can finally wear this shirt out that I’ve been waiting a couple yrs to wear. I will repurchase these.

  3. R. Garrett

    I gave this bra a try but I’ve never tried sticky ones before. I found that it does provide lift but can’t handle denser breast tissue. It has a little gauze thing on the inside so it doesn’t stick to your nips. So I tried another model of this bra based on the suggestion of their customer service. The other bra clipped together in the front and made amazing cleavage, but didn’t provide lift. Mind you that my breasts are tired, I’ve breastfed 3 babies and went from EE to a D. So, my breasts are apparently ill suited for these styles of bra. The customer service was absolutely amazing and helpful and I’ll be watching for newer editions of these bras in the future to see if they change up a bit and make one for older breasts!

  4. Stacey

    Was a little nervous to try this because well there is nothing other than sticky to adhere it to you. But it held up even in the heat and humidity of Oklahoma. It wasn’t uncomfortable or weird and it stayed in place while offering full support as needed. It will allow me to finally wear all those cute strapless and backless tops I never could before. Also it is very very easy to clean just wipe it with alcohol or damp cloth

  5. Mary Campbell

    This bra was interesting. I‚love never used one like this and I‚love always wanted one so I jumped on this super affordable reusable bra! There were some small technical issues at first and I had to reapply it a couple of times.Tip: make sure the skin is freshly washed and completely dried. I even went over my skin in the area with some rubbing alcohol to make sure it was 100% dry. The hold after that was great!I didn‚at think there would be a much support feeling as there was in this bra. I actually enjoyed the look of my breasts in this bra while wearing clothes. I was afraid that it would feel strange but it was very nice! I can‚at wait to find an excuse to wear this bra again soon!!

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