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ReliefVita – Intelligent Eye Massager

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The Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Wind Down At The End Of A Hard Day.

Research shows that massage therapy can decrease pain, tension, duration, intensity, frequency of headaches, and even reduce pain in the midst of an active migraine. Providing the optimum solution for the gentle care and well-being of your eyes, the ReliefVita Intelligent Eye Massager is a new generation eye massager that utilizes scientifically-proven warmth, acupoint and vibration massage to help relieve headaches, insomnia, dark under-eye circles, eye strain and more.


Our ReliefVita Intelligent Eye Massager uses heat, air compression technology and vibration to give you at home spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

The built-in heating pads provide a soothing adjustable temperature between 100°F-107°F which helps to stimulate blood circulation around your eyes, reducing eye puffiness, dark circles, improving your sleep quality and making your eyes feel healthy and refreshed!

ReliefVita - Intelligent Eye Massager


Our ReliefVita Intelligent Eye Massager is perfect for anyone!

Our massager helps with symptoms such as stress, lack of sleep, suffering from constant headaches, dry and tired eyes, and bad quality sleep.

It’s been designed to keep your eyes healthy and relieve all eye-related problems in the comforts of your own home (or wherever you prefer) and avoid expensive migraine medicine purchases & costly massage therapist visits.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone wanting a life with healthy eyes, great sleep & no headaches!


  • Instant headache and migraine relief
  • Relieve tired and dry eyes
  • Fall asleep easily and sleep deeper
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce eye bags and dark circles
  • Save money from costly sessions

ReliefVita - Intelligent Eye Massager


Experience instant and long-term results:

  • No eye bags or dark under-eye circles
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Healthy and fresh eyes
  • No migranes or headaches
  • No stress or anxiety


  • Fully adjustable to fit your unique face. From the cover’s position, angle, to strap tightness, The ReliefVita™ eye massager adjusts in all the ways.
  • Wireless, rechargeable, and easily portable.
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Built in bluetooth speakers

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