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The All-In-One Professional Teeth-Cleaning Tool

Get A Whiter And Healthier Smile In Seconds!

Your smile is a huge part of your first impression. So naturally, you wouldn’t want plaque, tartar, or stains ruining it for you.

This revolutionary device saves you the trouble of going to an expensive dentist to remove these stains and lets you do it all from the comfort of your home and at an affordable price. In less than a minute, your teeth will be brighter than ever before!

It’s called SaniPik, and it’s now available in the US.


SaniPik is the world’s first all-in-one professional teeth-cleaning tool that can be used from the comfort of your home. It’s an ultrasonic tooth cleaner that uses innovative vibrations to massage your teeth and remove tartar, plaque, stains, and even calculus, giving you a refreshing, confident smile throughout the day.

  • 5 MODES


SaniPik is made from medically approved materials, so it is safe to use for all ages. It can turn brown teeth into shiny white ones in seconds! SaniPik is also travel-friendly and comes with a USB charging cable, so you can use it anywhere you go.


SaniPik uses advanced vibrations to remove tartar from your teeth and massage your gums, giving you a confident smile and fresh breath every morning!

Try the tooth scraper on the low setting first, so you can get used to the sensation. Then slowly increase the intensity to find the best level for you. Go back and forth with little or no pressing, and SaniPik will do its job in a minute!


SaniPik is the first and only all-in-one teeth-cleaning tool. Our unique and patented technology is here to satisfy anyone who suffers from plaque, tartar, brown spots, and calculus.

High-frequency vibrations

  • SaniPik vibrates 12000 times per minute to get rid of all stubborn tartar and calculus.

Painless and safe to use

  • SaniPik can be used by anyone and won’t damage your teeth or gums.

5 active cleaning modes

  • 5 grades of adjustable frequency to remove stubborn calculus, tartar and stains.

Medical-grade steel tip

  • The steel tip easily reaches difficult spots.

USB Rechargeable

  • Safe and fast charging via USB. One charge allows 200 uses.

Portable Design

  • Perfect size to have dental care at home and everywhere you go.

Customers Reviews

  1. 6***r

    I received it a week after payment. Everything is whole, it works well. Thank you seller.

  2. A***a

    This is the best thing I ever used. I had nasty stuff in my back in my bottom teeth. Wow this thing removed them completely!!!! My tongue feels nice rubbing against the back of them. LOL

  3. M***a

    e everything is fine. The quality is good.

  4. F***m

    Didn’t try the scaler yet, but I like the fast shipping and the seller is great

  5. F***a

    It works correctly and is a good device in principle I haven’t used it at all but I think it can give you good results very happy with the purchase

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