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Smart-Pump Version 3.0 (inc Presta Hose)

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The Smart Pump that rises above the rest – from launching the original model four years ago we have been working tirelessly to improve the features and technology in order to bring you something truly unique and unlike any other pump you will find on the market.

We have taken onboard your feedback & made multiple improvements to the design & functionality to relaunch a new and improved Smart Pump suitable for 2022. We are excited to announce it is now available – Version 3.0 (photos of actual item, what you see is what you will receive).

Product Developments

Previously made from plastic, the aluminum casing reduces noise output when in operation and allows for faster heat dissipation keeping the pump cool while running. It’s lightweight, water resistant and allows for use in extreme temperatures with excellent strength and durability. It is also corrosion / rust proof and generally better for the environment.

The Increased hose length allows for faster hook-ups without the need for separate adapters. Also equipped with a Specific Presta Hose Extension – No need for screwing valve adapters on and off the valves – keep your pump setup to permanently Presta if required for speed & ease of use.

The vastly improved LED Display is much brighter & easier to see outdoors in all weather conditions allows you see exactly how much air is in your tire while inflating. With accuracy to the nearest 1 PSI – the precision is unrivalled.

Battery Life has been significantly increased to 50 minutes of running time (that’s a lot of tires). The charging port has also been upgraded from Micro USB to USB-C which can carry significantly more power, so the charging process is also sped up to approx 1 hour 30 mins for a complete charge from empty (USB-C Cable included).

Unlike the original, Version 3.0 is fully compatible with Car, 4WD & Motorbike tires – it is heavy duty and more robust with an increased battery to allow for inflation of larger objects.

– Five Preset Modes – Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Balls & Custom

– Protective Sleeve & Various Adapters Included

– 150PSI Pressure Output

– Includes Flashlight

– Auto Shut Off

– USB Type C Charging (cable included)

– Available in Sky Blue, Platinum & Midnight Black

– Weight – 450 grams

– Dimensions – 6.81x 2.56 x 1.42 inches

Customer Testimonials

Anyway that’s enough from us, here is what some of our customers had to say on social media;

Where can I store it when out for a ride?

The Smart-Pump is also a perfect fit for jersey pocket, frame bag or saddle bag like the one shown below. Check it out here.

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Smart Pump – SUP Model

Our SUP Model has now also launched, check it out here;

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