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The Fruity Bullet

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The Portable Smoothie Maker That Will Change The Way You Blend Forever

  • SLIM & SLEEK DESIGN – Compact and aesthetic design makes it easy to carry around
  • BUILT IN BATTERY – Enjoy up to 15 blends on a single charge
  • SILENT BLADE TECHNOLOGY – Our blender offers you a silent solution for when it comes to your blending needs
  • FROZEN FRUIT COMPATIBLE – The ability to blend frozen fruits so you can create a fresh cold smoothie
  • DURABLE & DROP PROOF – Made with BPA free plastic, we offer an aesthetic look without sacrificing durability

The Fruity Bullet

Blend Everywhere

designed for those on the go

We all know that health is wealth, but we also know there’s nothing worse than carrying around a big bulky blender.

The Fruity Bullet gives you the freedom to take your favourite shakes, meal replacement drinks, protein powders or anything else that requires blending with you wherever life takes you.

How It Works


Place the Fruity Bullet upside down on a flat surface and remove the blender


Fill the Fruity Bullet with your go-to ingredients and 3/4 of the bottle with liquid


Put the blender back on, double tap the blend button and watch the magic happen

Sleek & Stylish

the coolest blender-bottle. ever.

So, it’s no secret that at FruityBullet we’re all about being healthy and looking good while doing it. That’s why we made our bottles as cute and stylish as possible whilst maximising performance.

BPA Free & Waterproof

Holds 380mL

Blends Ice Easily

Super Easy To Clean

Wireless Charging

15 Blends Per Charge

Fruity Bullet vs Other Blenders

Fruity Bullet Others
Fits in your bag The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Easy to clean The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Compact and stylish The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Wireless charging The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Waterproof The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Drop proof The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
BPA free The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Up to 15 blends with one charge The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
Hassle-free returns The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet
1 year warranty The Fruity Bullet The Fruity Bullet

Smart Cleaning

hate cleaning?

Let’s be real, what’s worse than cleaning up?

Our easy to remove blade and bottle caps makes the whole cleaning process a breeze. No need to worry about leftovers getting stuck in the bottle. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just add water, soap & blend. Rinse & you’re ready to go!

Included with your Fruity Bullet

100% BPA Free

The Fruity Bullet bottle and top cap are made with 100% BPA free plastic that is super easy to clean and specially reinforced for extra drop protection.

Wireless USB Charger

Get 15+ blends from just one hour of charging, and the best part? It’s totally wireless! Just plug The Fruity Bullet’s wireless charger into a USB port, place your fruity bullet on top and charge away.

Patented Dual Action-Blade

Pulverize ice and frozen fruit with ease thanks to The Fruity Bullets’ powerful dual action blade. Producing an impressive 20,000 revolutions per minute, The Fruity Bullet’s blender is fit for any frozen items.

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