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The Original Moon Lamp



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 Our Original Moon Lamp features precise 3D printing to create an exact replica of the moon. With a touch sensor button you don’t have to fumble for a switch to light up the lamp.

Our Moon Lamps have made great additions to bedrooms and even some classrooms around the world. What better way to inspire those about space and science than with our glowing moon.

Our Original Moon Lamp is the perfect gift for someone close to your heart or far away. Despite being a wonderful gift idea our moon lamp has made a great addition to hobbyist rooms or collectors looking to jazz up their display case. Looking for a bit more flare? Check out our hand painted Galaxy Moon Lamp

So ditch the boring bulbs and grab a moon lamp. 

What’s included:

  • Cordless light 
  • Charger included
  • Wood base
  • Warm & cool color glow for day and night
  • Realistic moon lamp in a 3D printed design 

What makes this the perfect gift?

If you have been following along with us for some time now you know that here at reysena Moon we HATE boring gifts. Far too many times we have seen loved ones and friends disappointed the same old sweater and sock combo. Come on Jim, haven’t we had enough scratchy wool for one year! So this year break the mold and get them something they can talk about the water cooler on Monday. We sure know those socks won’t make it into their “what did you get this year” conversation.

What’s to love about our Moon Lamp?

Heck, what’s not to love! But seriously, our original moon lamp is the perfect starter gift into a series of astral inspired gifts, or for those more invested in their space inspired passion. The lamp will look great on a bedside table, reading nook or shelf among other collectible favorites.

Creative Night light

Not only is our moon lamp a great gift giving idea it creates a wonderful atmosphere for kids of all ages. The lamp has a long run time of 8-12 hours making it the perfect traveling night light. Have a little one that is scared to get a glass of water in the middle of the night? Keep them safe with the illuminated moon lamp. With one touch the lamp lights up and can travel with them on their journey.


How do you make a moon lamp?

Our Original moon lamp is made using state of the art 3D printing technologies. Each moon takes at least 32 hours from start to finish. A long cord of PLA material (recycled plastic) is fed through the machine, as the cord heats the computer processor maps out the exact co-ordinates of the moon with all of its surfaces. Our designers take advantage of the latest in NASA satellite images to craft all of our moon lamps to perfection.  You can rest assured knowing your getting the best there is to offer in moon lamps.

How to use:

The moon lamp like any other simply needs to be turned on with the touch of a button. The sensor reads your touch through an electromagnetic connection. Hold your touch for longer than a second and see the moon lamp dim. One more touch and the lamp will change from cool white to warm orange.

What is the best moon lamp?

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of moon lamps. From the galaxy moon lamp to our reysena ones. While we might be a little biased in our opinion, our favourite option would have to be the reysena moon. This lamp is sure to amaze anyone opening their Christmas gift or birthday surprise.

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