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Women’s Toe Socksana



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As Little As 15 Minutes A Day

Helps To Relieve Foot Pain

  • Reduces foot pain, bunions
  • Helps relieve Plantar Fasciitis
  • Helps with Hammer Toe

The best benefits

Stretching comfort your feet will love

Bunion Alignment Therapy

A traditional sock cannot offer proper balance and alignment but toe socks are designed for this purpose.

Reduce Swelling

Toe socks give you increased flexibility, sensation and increased movement and allows for increased circulation.

Prevent Blisters

They are designed to separate each toe in order to prevent skin on skin friction and binding of toes so that the possibility of getting blisters

Designed for you

Advanced Socks Development

Non-Slip Heel Grip

Designed with gel gripper on the heel to prevent our low-cut socks from slipping into your shoes.

Very Thin & incredibly stretchy

With greater stretch and stay-up power, this edition of 5 toe socks are sure to be a hit

Environmental Protection

At Socksana, we only use non-toxic, natural, and ecological materials. This creates the incomparable experience of Socksana.

Widely used by

Standing & walking professions

You can wear them for 12 hours straight without hurting your foot.

Runners, Walkers & Travelers

They’re an essential accessory that helps keep your legs and feet comfortable when traveling, walking or running

Healthcare Workers & Teachers

Can help alleviate symptoms, like swollen feet, that come from long standing. Designed for nurses and healthcare professionals, teachers etc.

One Size fits all

Fits from US size 5 to US size 10.5
Fits from EU size 35 to EU size 41
Fits from UK size 3 to UK size 8.5

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