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Catto Scoop – Premium Cat Litter Scooper



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One Scoop And You Got All The Poop?

 Forget about the mess and keep your cat’s litter box clean! This is an all-in-one cat litter cleaning device. It has an attached waste bin with a scented litter bag which makes cleaning your cat’s litter box the easiest task.

Super Simple A 5 Years Old Can Use!

Just in a one-handed movement scoop, sift, and deposit the waste. The cat litter scoop system is hygienic and easy to use which means that you will never need to touch soiled bags again. Take off the container put a bag in and close it and you’re ready to go.

Catto Scoop - Premium Cat Litter Scooper

After you are done cleaning remove the tank take out the bag seal it and throw it away. With this cat litter scoop, you’ll clean your cat’s waste faster than ever!?

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Catto Scoop - Premium Cat Litter Scooper

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