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Pheral Roll-on Phero Perfume



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Attract with confidence

Pheral Phero Perfume is a natural blend of ingredients that enhances your natural charm, making you irresistible to your crush or significant other. Its unique scent is sure to grab attention and make you stand out in a crowd. With long-lasting effects, you can confidently attract the one you desire.

“Won’t this be too overpowering in public?”

Pheral Phero Perfume is carefully crafted to have a unique scent that is not overpowering. Its natural ingredients blend seamlessly with your body’s chemistry to create a subtle and alluring aroma.

“Isn’t it bad for sensitive skin?”

Pheral Phero Perfume is made with natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. However, if you have any concerns, we recommend performing a patch test before use.

Customers Reviews

  1. V***d

    The scent is pleasant but the containers tend to leak a little during transport so, buyers, be aware. Packaging is not really dependable. Although, shipping time is fast.

    Pheral Roll-on Phero Perfume
    Pheral Roll-on Phero Perfume
  2. G***a

    The smell is pleasant.

    Pheral Roll-on Phero Perfume
  3. L***n

    The smell is nice I don’t know if it works but it smells too good

  4. L***a

    Very delicate perfume. I recommend it.

  5. L***o

    Good smell!

    Pheral Roll-on Phero Perfume
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